Pear Orchard

梨子    2012-06-02參訪壽豐鄉溪口村果農吳玉雙觀光果園開園儀式,協助農民促銷優質農特產品。

On June 3rd, 2013 Bi-khim visited a pear orchard in Shòu Fēng Xīang (壽豐鄉) for its opening ceremony. As harvesting season for pears approaches, many local pear growers are welcoming tourists to come and experience the harvest process (the season usually starts in early June and ends in August).

From a perspective of an outsider, this program might be just a market means that farmers use to attract consumers as well as the resulted profits; while farmer Wu said that the spirit of such a program is not only to allow visitors to understand how pears are grown and picked, but also the deep sentiments that they have towards the land.

Bi-khim has long cared about the agricultural industry in Hualien; she encourages the younger generation to participate in the agriculture industry under the principle that the refinement of the agricultural industry will enhance the economic value of agricultural products as well as stimulate development in the budding tourism industry in Hualien. In addition, Bi-khim expresses her concerns about the impact of the rise of IT on many local farmers in the region. Hence, She points out the importance for public sectors to provide an Internet trading platform for the agricultural industry in Taiwan, especially in Hualien County.


Fruit growers like Wu have been long placed at the lower class of a society because of the relatively lower income and worse working condition. Yet, Bi-khim thinks that their love towards the country, the town and the family are much more meaningful and invaluable.


Farmer Wu’s (吳玉雙) contact information:

(03)865-5926 or 0938-080-908.