With Jane Perlez

jane perlez

Jane Perlez, the chief foreign correspondent of New York Times in Beijing, a Pulitzer Prizer winner, and a veteran in the area of diplomacy, came to Taiwan in September 2012. The main purpose of her trip to Taiwan was to gain a better understanding of the impact that the change of Mainland Chinese leadership could potentially have on Taiwan.


Ms. Perlez met with Bi-khim Hsiao to discuss the most recent trilateral relations among Taiwan, the United States and China. During the meeting, they talked about many issues that Taiwan currently faces, including the disputes over sovereignty in the East China Sea and South China Sea, Taiwan’s economy, US-Taiwan relations, the trend of cross-strait relations, and the various difficulties that Taiwan has encountered in the past decades. Ms. Perlez expressed that her time in China has made her realize the negative effects that restricting freedom of speech has upon an entire society.

Thus, she is particularly concerned about the related issues, such as media monopoly and China’s influence over Taiwan. Bi-khim also shared her observation in Hualien County with a number of related instances, such as Chinese government’s targeted procurement of certain areas of Taiwan.