Project of 2049 Institute

On March 3rd of 2012, Bi-khim met with the Delegation of The Project 2049 Institute from the United States. Members of the delegation included Richard Armitage who was appointed the United States Deputy Secretary of state under President Bush’s administration and Randall Schriver- the President of the Project 2049 Institute and the former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, etc.


During the one-hour meeting, Bi-khim addressed the issue of Taiwan’s national security, how Taiwan should prepare to deal with the rise of China’s international leverage and the importance of United States’ role in this process. Moreover, some of the social-economic as well as environmental issues were also discussed, such as the current economic situation of Taiwan- unemployment rate, wealth disparity, the crisis of debt ceiling, government deficits and the management of nuclear waste, etc.