Baggage Allowance


As the number of international flight routes at Taipei Songshan Airport (松山機場) increases, more passengers would choose to fly from Hualien and transfer at Songshan Airport. However, these passengers would either be required to pay extra fees when they check in their overweight luggage for domestic flights or simply cannot bring a luggage that exceeds 10kg, because the domestic baggage allowance (10kg) is different from that of the international (20kg).To avoid this inconvenience, Bi-khim has, in the Transportation Committee, requested the officials from CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) to make the domestic baggage allowance consistent with the international standard.

As a result of Bi-khim’s continuing efforts in requesting for the adjustment, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, in July 7th of 2012, responded positively to this demand. In the future, weather passengers are transferring from international flights to domestic flights or vice versa, the baggage allowance for the route between Hualien and Songshan Airport will be 20kg. Bi-khim strongly believes that such a change will certainly help Hualien not only in further engaging with the internationals but also in attracting visitors.