Dream Tour

丸子 (Wán Zi), a little girl from Shòu Fēng Xīang (壽豐鄉), hopes that one day she will be able to go to France to study Fashion Design and take one step closer to becoming an international designer. Legislator Bi-khim Hsaio has visited Five Flavour House (五味屋) many times and has come to understand how kids like Wan Zi go about achieving their dreams and expectations. In order to help Wan Zi actualize her dreams, Bi Khim brought her up north to attend charity events, visit the Legislative Yuan (Parliament), as well as the studio of the local designer—許艷玲 (Xŭ Yàn Líng). When Bi-khim was with Wan Zi, she had no other wish than for Wan Zi to eventually fulfill her dream and become a worldwide fashion designer.


Given the lack of resources in towns like Shòu Fēng Xīang, many would wonder how kids from such rural areas pursue their dreams and desired careers. Yet, it is not too different from children in urban areas. For instance, kids at Five Flavour House are dedicated to each of their own dreams, and work hard at trying to achieve them. Despite the difficulties that many kids from rural towns encounter throughout their lives, Wan Zi has never thought of giving up her dreams; she knows that nothing is guaranteed but her own endeavors. Therefore, Wan Zi, a little girl who was quite anti-social and used to hide herself in the corner, has changed and become someone who takes the initiative in communicating with French to learn the language.



All the kids here in Five Flavour House come from simple backgrounds but nothing is more valuable than their genuineness just like how Wan Zi talks to Bi-khim in the way that she is. Stories that are similar to Wan Zi are tremendous in Five Flavour House. For example, Five Flavour House has purchased a number of instruments in order to help a group of kids who want to learn guitar and music. In the future, Bi-khim not only wants to help make these kids’ dreams come true, but also hopes to improve education and access to resources in rural areas.



More information on Five Flavour House can be found here: http://www.5wayhouse.org/sec01p07.html