Co-op Education

For many years, the government has been promoting the policy of cooperative education; however, much of its emphasis is placed on the cooperation between schools and private industries, whereas the cooperative relationship between schools and public sectors has not received adequate attention from the government. As a consequence, many students in Taiwan who have already developed the specialized skills in their fields of study do not get pragmatic supports that are needed from the government.


For example, a group of students from the aeronautics club in Hualien Zì Qiáng High School (花蓮自強國中) has successfully developed the unmanned aerial vehicle that does not only have high mobility and high-resolution but also the feature of multi-angle shooting. They have also tried to let the UAVs they created go into many localities of Hualien during the time when it faced severe natural disasters to capture the conditions of places where sections collapsed and traffic was completely devastated. In addition to their achievement, the pictures they took were published by the media on newspapers as well as televisions and have received positive responses from the public.


Bi-khim said that: “these students have put significant amount of work and efforts in doing research before they can produce such a high quality aircraft. But very often they have to save their own money, which could be otherwise used for their other entertainment, to buy the necessary components and equipment”.  She has stressed the importance of building a cooperative spirit between the public sector and the school by communicating with the heads from various ministries many times. Also, she invited the education minister to come to Hualien Zì Qiáng High School in order to ensure that the minister know how these kids overcome the difficulties in the process and what the needs of them are. During visit, Bi-khim said to the minister “you can very easily tell that the students have really done a great job in their area because their photos are even used by the legislator for interpolation and questioning in the parliament”.

Bi-khim says that she will propose a legislation to make sure that the executive branch of the government along with various government sectors will provide an appropriate platform of cooperative education that refocuses between schools and public sectors.