Little Players

Baseball is one of most popular sports in Taiwan. Just like many other Taiwanese, Bi-Khim has had great interests in baseball since she was young and she believes that it is important to promote the spirit of baseball and to help the young baseball players from rural areas such as Hualien fulfill their baseball dreams. Therefore, she invited the baseball players Tai Shan Chang, Zhuang Xun Yu Jin Mu Li from CPBL Uni-President Lions to Hualien to join a series of baseball activities with the kids. 


The schools Bi-khim and the major league players visited this time have all been dedicated to baseball-promoting for a very long time but only with very little resources. Yet, neither do these little baseball players complain, nor do they become less hopeful about their dreams and future; instead, all of them remain very strong and active in practicing. This has really touched Bi-khim and she decided to organize a number of baseball activities that allowed the kids and players from CPBL Uni-President lions to interact with each other. The three major league players can directly give instructions to the young players by conducting group training programs. Through the direct interaction with the professionals as well as the encouragement from them, Bi-khim believes strongly that these players will all exceed in whatever they pursue, and hopes that these little players can better enhance the skills and continue the hard work until their baseball dreams actually come true.

The east cost of Taiwan for some reasons is like the cradle of baseball players, and a lot of the great baseball players also come from Hualien. But unfortunately, Hualien is also a county with the least public resources in terms of education, transportation and other critical infrastructures. Despite the push for more attention from the government, Bi-khim and legislator Yi-Kang Tuan also personally presented some of the baseball equipment to Rui Sui Elementary School and spent her leisure time watching their games and cheering for them.

Despite the efforts all of the young players in Hualien have put in trying to succeed, the longtime lack of educational resources in rural areas has had a very strong and negative impact on baseball-promoting. Thus, Bi-khim believes that the government should provide the necessary resources that would better facilitate the students, and improve both the quantity and the quality of the baseball equipments to produce more professional baseball players and better strengthen Taiwan’s soft power.